Dubbed “The digital instrument with acoustic soul” it’s so modern there’s an app for it, many apps, to provide it with “infinite sounds.” And as complicated as all that sounds, it’s really quite easy to use. Have a look at it in action:

Scott Stevenson is an electronic musician and engineer turned inventor of what is comparable to a modernized theremin. The Mune marries the sheer power and infinite range of digital music, with the soul and expressiveness of a traditional acoustic instrument.

It’s versatility is astounding: the mune Player can be a one-person band. “It can sound like anything – and like nothing you have heard before! Apps allow the Mune to have a never-ending stream of new sounds and modes to play: Sequence beats, play melodies and chords, control effects, DJ.”

Even more impressively, “You do not need to be a musician or technical person to use the Mune! We promise!” Visually, as Mune’s creator says, it proves there’s more to electronic music “than hitting play,” since an audience can watch a player interact with the instrument in … 5 ways. There are five ways to play this thing.

As it stands, the instrument exists, as you can tell from the video above, but, they’re looking to raise money, “in order to overcome the upfront costs of manufacturing the Mune so that it can reach the hands of musicians around the world.”

Making one is easy, mass manufacturing them, to launch a career in selling them, is not so easy. Check out their kickstarter page; investing in them at this stage will get you a Mune of your very own, and then some. If you like the look of the thing, now’s the time to buy one: your purchase is an investment in Newfoundland being the birthplace of the world’s newest, most modern and versatile instrument.