Learning How to Walk & Talk
Super8 Movies Bicycle Ice Cream Colouring
Little Girl -Family Schism- Spirit Broken Voice Stolen
Little Boy is Born – Homeless Smoking & Starts Running

K-Tel Records Trombone & Kodak Pocket Instamatic
A Farmer’s Daughter – Vegetable & Flower Gardens
Anxiety & Depression Feelings of Dislocation
Smoking Meets Alcohol Drugs & Atheism
Part-time Jobs & Motorcycles – Vroom Vroom
General Studies Fail & Part-Time Work Grind

A Stint of Sailing, a Brief French Boy Crush
But Girl Crushes Everywhere, a 35mm Camera
Round 2 General Studies Then Program Start & Expulsion
[Music – Blondie, Queen, Billy Joel & Idol, Carnes, Tina,
Mellencamp, Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Spirit of the West,
Bare Naked Ladies, Madonna, Depeche Mode, New Order,
Prince, The Cure & Smiths, Eurythmics, Michael & Janet,
Yaz, Pet Shop Boys, Human League, TEARS FOR FEARS,
I Could Go On But That Would Be Digressing – LOL ] Round F***ing 3 General Studies & Re-Admission
Connections, V is for Volunteerism, The Party Planner
Graduation, First Apartment, But Work Dissatisfaction
V – Junior Achievement & St. John’s Clean & Beautiful
Sexuality Questions – Hello Gay Community & 1st GF
Smoking, Drinking, Drugs & Relationship Dysfunction

Out of the Closet & Single, Refugee Worker
Stories of War, Violence, Horror & Terror
Planned Parenthood Fundraiser & Rd 2 Refugee Work
First Solo Apartment, Then Moved in with 2nd GF
V – NL & Lab Folk Festival, Iris Kirby House & Cable 9
The Glorious Arts – A Brand New Language – Home
Stories, Feelings, Emotions, Souls, & Live Music
Single, Anxiety, Depression, Some Counselling & Medication
But No Solution So Still Smoking, Drinking & Doping
Lovers, Passion, Travel, Movement & Creation
Volunteer/Cooperation – Way Too Many to Mention
Family Disease Diagnosis, Mortality Reality, Dis-Ease
Drop to My Knees -FULL STOP- Why, What Can’t I See?

Music – Alternative, Folk, Traditional, Blues, Jazz, Soul & World
Buddhist Meditation Community – The Art of Being Human
Loving Kindness & Goodness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Healing
Starts Looking, Finds Traumatic Schism & Blockages
Returns to Home of Origin to Help, Heal, & Create Equanimity
Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Energy Flow & Pattern Recognition
Construction, Destruction, Reconstruction & Bridge Building
New Languages & Understanding, Counselling But No Medication
Quits Smoking, Doping, & Over-Drinking, Reading & Education
Psychology, Philosophy, Spiritual Metaphysics, Neuroplasticity
PTSD, Prolonged Exposure Therapy & Psyche Rebalancing
The Little Girl & Little Boy Exist in a Laminar Flow of Well-Being
LGBTQ Fun, Friends, Lover, But Sadly A Conflict of Interests
Drawing, Painting with Light Cause Things Get More Challenging

Rests, Questions, Writes, Bikes, & Protests Closures & Politics
To What End? Help, Healing, Inner Peace & Wellness
Maybe Some Can Have One Without The Other(s), Not Me
My Future Includes a Return to Dancing & Whatever Awaits Me
And Maybe Banjo Lessons – Word Is Dave Panting is a Good Teacher?
What a Beautiful Wild Ride! Giddy Up!!!” – By A Son & A Daughter