What does a normal workday look like?

I am not a sex worker who prowls the streets. From what I know, most of us aren’t. I use websites where men can browse for a sex worker that matches what they’re looking for. It’s a lot like online dating. If I don’t like it, if I am wigged out, I won’t meet him. If it seems like we’re kicking it off, we meet.

What is an ideal day at this job?

When my appointment(s) are with regulars that day. I don’t like first meets. It can be anxiety-inducing to meet someone for the first time. Like any date, but worse, obviously, as you’re bound to expectations. There’s a comfort, respect, and familiarity that develops between a worker and a regular customer, so I feel safer. The creepy stuff comes out on a first meet as a rule.

What’s a bad day on this job?

Younger guys. Millennials. They’re raised on internet porn clips of money shots, so things need to get very physical very fast. Also, I’m also in my late thirties now, so, it’s an uncomfortable age difference to have a 22 year old asking if he can finish on your face. Also, it’s uncomfortable when people try and say, “I’ll pay you after” or talk down the agreed upon price when you meet. You don’t try and talk down restaurant or grocery store prices. Same difference.

What might surprise people about the job?

That weeknights are busiest? And Christmas time, or lunch time. But not weekends. Sadly, it is times when men can sneak away from their partners with believable excuses like “working late” or “going out Christmas shopping” that wouldn’t fly on weekends.

What else might surprise people about the job?

Some johns just want company. 3 years ago, for a full year, one man just wanted to drink white wine and play scrabble, he called me “3-tile” because I seldom used more than 3 squares.

Is this job ultimately what people assume it’s like?

In some ways, yeah. I hide weapons on site in case things get weird. Sometimes they do. I meet in my home, a duplex, the neighbours would hear me scream, so I insist on meetings here, not in cars or at a client’s, not on a first meet. Most recently I had to kick a man out as he insisted on filming our encounter. Also, a lot of guys think that hiring a sex worker will give them an excuse to be rude, rough, whatever. Lastly, we can be treated like products, since men literally shop online for us. They’ll email blunt questions like “Hi, what size are your nipples, I like tiny dime-size ones, haha.” Pretty to the point between strangers, but hey

How did you get into this line of work?

It pays very well and I was broke and in debt and my partner had left me, so I lost the benefit of us sharing income. I am university educated (I cringe at the fonts and grammar on sex worker websites!) and I have worked in traditionally respectable fields, but I’ve never been paid the equivalent of this. There’s no reason, with the money I am putting away, I can’t retire at 50, instead of 65 like most people. Granted, with the oil bust, clients are fewer, and pinching pennies more, or expecting “add-ons” (like vaginal sex, bareback oral, or ejaculating on body) for free