Head’s up: cilantro and roasted onion olive oil with white peach balsamic will change your life. Put it on everything.

Jennifer and Cheryl Pardy of O’Leva Oils & Vins Tasting Room are sharing their expertise in some of the Mediterranean culinary arts at their Topsail Road shop, specializing in over 50 varieties of olive oil and vinegar.

“All the products are stored in stainless steel containers called fustis,” says Jennifer. “You can sample all our products and bottle your desired product right there.”

The sisters-in-law can inform you of the health benefits of olive oil, but it’s the taste that’s the real draw.

“Some of the flavour and aroma profiles you will experience in our EVOOs are sweet green grass, subtle berries, green apple, sweet floral, or bold green herby notes like artichoke, tomato, green olive or green almond,” says Cheryl.

“Even the textures vary from light and fresh to smooth and creamy, and always end, but the healthy fresh throat catching sensation known as pungency varies in intensity .”

Newbies need not shy away. “The best place to start is to have an extra virgin olive oil tasting with one of our well-versed staff, who can walk you through the different oils,” says Cheryl.

“They all have their own unique flavour profiles and molecular make-up depending on the varietal of olive, country, and time of harvest.  It doesn’t take long to differentiate between the majority of store-bought ‘extra virgin’ olive oil, which gives you no information on when, where and how it was harvested and O’Leva’s ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils that display all the chemical makeup along with the country of harvest and the crush date.”

O’Leva has also been pairing nicely with Tom Beckett of Beckett on Wine and the Newfoundland & Labrador Special Order Beer Club. Beckett has been co-hosting “Beer for Olive Oil” events at the storefront. Cheryl educates the audience on the concepts of quality production of olive oil, and a tasting of a variety of samples, laying down the basics. Then, Beckett leads the group in a beer tasting, paired with olive oil and balsamic vinegar creations.

OLeva Oils & Vins Tasting Room is located at 390 Topsail Road. Go to oleva.ca or call (709) 758-7873. More info on Beckett on Wine can be found at www.beerthief.ca/who-we-are