“Dear femme person in Major’s Path Saturday clinic with the white cardigan and a little bouquet of grass (?) tattoo on your inner elbow:  Lemme start this off by saying that this is in no way an attempt to start a relationship, I just wanna compliment you. You looked so good that morning, with your pretty eyes and mini eyeliner and slight face and straight fringe. You looked so lovely, I wanted to draw you. You looked like some kind of forest fae (the nice kind) or a doe or something else ethereal and earth-toned.  I didn’t want to make you feel super uncomfortable by complimenting you right away, so I was gonna wait until I was done with the doctor and talk to you on my way out. But, sadly, a few minutes after I was called, the nurse led you past my exam room! I knew you wouldn’t be out before me so I had to resign myself to not letting you know how lovely you looked. Well, at least I got to hear your voice as you chatted to the nurse.  I hope you know how good you look. You were a nice bright spot in a long dim day.” – Tried Really Hard Not to be Creepy