Unnecessary Farce Poster - Fin2 (1)

Nothing On Productions’ fourth season opener, Unnecessary Farce, offers a heavy dose of slapstick.

The play, written by Paul Slade Smith, promises accessible physical comedy for all, as it follows the story of two cops, a politician, thwarted lovers, and a hefty amount of slamming doors.

“Farce at its core is buffoonery and horseplay,” said director Janet O’Reilly, “and typically includes crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations. That’s exactly what we have on offer in this show.”

Unnecessary Farce features Ernest Rollmann, Jilary Bushell, Jill Kennedy, Glen Gaulton, Rob Kean, Chris Panting and Janet Macdonald, with design by Chris Panting. It is produced by Katherine Elliot.

Unnecessary Farce will play at the Barbara Barrett Theatre in the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre from Wednesday, October 15th to Saturday, October 18th, at 8PM. Tickets are available at the Arts and Culture Centre box office, by phone at 729-3900, or online at www.artsandculturecentreonline.com