11888101_1759056404329407_6172803369600755001_nHot x Proxy’s “That’s Hot x Proxy!” sizzles and swoons. It’s a sexy romp that unabashedly reaches into the cock-rock spirit for inspiration, marinating it with contemporary pop spices.

With hooks galore, the 6 songs settle into a steady thrust, one that treads between seriously catchy anthems and slightly more sensual stretches.

Peppered with tongue-in-cheek cliches, it succeeds because rock music should be fuckin’ fun.  “Tip the guitars, twirl the sticks, kick the ceiling, deliver,” declares lead singer Lucas Coady, and it’s a mentality flaunted throughout their live show.

Replete with outfits and virile antics, the band’s salacious sonics are exposed to the public with sarcastic homages to the grandeur of rock’s hey-day. “Rock should be a spectacle” says guitarist Chris Hynes. And he’s not wrong.

Hynes also credits “growing up on a heavy dose of St. John’s Rock N’ Roll” with the band’s snappy sound. “Fur Packed Action, Bucket Truck, Trimmed Navel Beef, no bands rocked harder than the bands my youthful impressionable self rocked out to at Calio’s back in the day.”

To Hot x Proxy, they’re just one of many keeping that unadulterated youthful spirit alive. “There’s a good vibe happening in the St. John’s rock scene. If there isn’t then we have been having too much fun to notice.”

Hidden beneath the frisky exterior, though, are stylish samplings that deviate from the booming choruses. “Better Off” and “Anita” begin as more melancholic affairs, but hold up against their more raucous brethren. “Starts When I Look At You” wins this bachelor auction though; sly and high harmonies will never do a good hook wrong, and there’s quite a few of those to escort you around the racket condensed in the six songs.

“Starts When I Look at You”