“One night on George, I met this guy with blueberry blue eyes, was transfixed by him and his jokes and charm. And his sappy story of being out for drinks with friends because he’d recently been dumped by his high school sweetheart. I was too drunk to be at it, but I went home with him. I convinced my friends I was fine to do so. I woke up around 4am not feeling well, and cuddled into this new guy a little, like the sook I was feeling like. I couldn’t help but notice something was off with his body. It was smoother (my guy was hairy), skinnier, shorter. He rolled over. It was getting light out. He was CLEARLY not who I went home with, and I yelped, and in came the guy I actually went home with. These two dude roommates think it’s funny to let a hook-up fall asleep in their beds, and then swap, ‘just as a prank to freak you out.’ They told me to relax, other women had found it funny. It’s not funny. If this is a thing now, guys, please, just, don’t.” – Every Woman