“I came from BC a few years ago and was fortunate enough to find a few acres here around St. John’s. All I got for my troubles was a crew of ATVs and skidoos ripping through my property at all hours of the day all year long. I put up signs, they ignore them or break them off. I put up a fence, the buggers tear it down … more than once. I put up a trail cam on advice from RNC because apparently I am the one responsible for providing proof, and they stole the cam. Wtf is with people here?!? Does no one have ANY respect for someone else’s private property? I pay outrageous property taxes on this land. I pay my &*%$ing mortgage for buying this land, I didn’t realise that was so I could provide a public park and trail system. So now with signs, fencing, and the lost cam I’m out about a grand … and they still come and go as they please. Nice. Real nice. My next purchase is going to be a shotgun.” – Boomshanker