Starting November of 2018, area code 709 will have to make room in local phones for a second, newer NL area code, 879, as we officially breach the number of possible phone numbers we can service with just the one area code in our province.

This means having to punching in either 709 or 879 + the phone number before dialing now, even for local calls. The mandatory 10-digit dialing will commence in August of 2018. A huge surge in communications services is driving the increased demand for phone numbers our province. This second area code will allow for millions of new NL numbers.

“Most regions in Canada have already successfully transitioned to local 10-digit dialing and we are confident these changes will be seamless for residents and businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador,” says Glen Brown, Director of the Canadian Numbering Administrator.

If you wanna get ahead of the game, go for it. Brown says “telecommunications companies are already able to support 10-digit dialed calls. By adopting 10-digit dialing early, residents and businesses will be well-prepared by August 2018.”

The new 879 area code will only be assigned to customers getting new phones once all old phone numbers with 709 are used up. In other words, your current number won’t change.

We’re not alone. Starting on November 24, 2018, a new area code will be introduced in the eastern part of Québec now served by the 418 and 581 area codes.  Other new area codes are also being introduced to New Brunswick and British Columbia.