Nickel Night 2

By Alyson Samson

Sunshine left the seats somewhat little sparsely filled this evening. Which is too bad for those of you who were probably getting a tan or having a beer because you missed some great cinema. Just a few films tonight, starting off with a couple of shorts, and then a full length at 75 minutes.

The night started off on a serious note with Alia – a drama from Ireland, and then, switched immediately to some local humour. Darcy Ward’s “Manslator” was a crowd favourite, once again a local film had the audience laughing and agreeing that maybe we should have a “Manslator” – a translator of women for men (she’s really not “fine”). The feature, full length film Twenty Million People, was an ‘anti-romcom.’ A movie that abhorred the cliches of every romantic comedy you’ve seen. As the film opens with a cheesy love scene that the characters of our film are watching, the love story’s characters come to life as the imaginary friends, and advisors, of the main characters of Twenty Million People. Over time similar cliches are applied to characters as the main character pined for the girl, that he didn’t want to be ‘in a relationship’ with. A very charming film over all, certainly one for the realists. Thursday you’ve got two showings, with the Horror Show feature beginning at 10:30, after the regular 7:00 – don’t miss your two chances to check out some great local, national and international films!