Nick Ryan’s “Golden Mile” St. John’s Drink Run

The official "Golden Mile" in St. John's will begin on April 18, 4:00 PM at the Ship.


Article by Nick Ryan

If there is one thing to take away from the film The World’s End (besides the fact that your city is secretly made up of robots), it’s the brilliant “Golden Mile” pub crawl. It has inspired a trend in many cities throughout Europe & North America, which have adapted their own versions of the Golden Mile. The idea is to give each city a permanent crawl for locals or tourists to attempt, if they are ever in the mood to see some of the best bars in the city.

The rules are simple: Pick a beautiful city. List the bars with the most character on a specific route. Attempt to drink one pint at each location. (Keep in mind you don’t actually have to drink one pint at each bar. Most people can’t do this, all people shouldn’t do this. However, we’re not going to begin factoring logic into the equation.)

Here is the OFFICIAL Golden Mile list for St. John’s, in order:


If you can’t handle beginning with a pint, try Lyndsey’s Caesar. The best since Julius, garnished with a pickle.


Having trouble finishing the second pint? Start reading the portraits around this place explaining how many ships have been lost near places you swim.


In Russia it would be called “The White Crow.” However, in Russia you also wouldn’t be allowed to go.


Lots to drink and nothing to eat. Can’t get more Irish than that. But seriously, best traditional music in the city.


If you fall over, see how many flags you can name on the ceiling.


You can actually order a Storm and see an old lonesome Ship Captain say “storm’s a brewin,” then look away in longing.


Drinking Game: Upon your first sip, make up a quality the delicious brew possesses. See if anybody agrees. “You can really tell the rhubarb was picked in Botwood.”


There is good reason this one lasted more than six seasons.


Considered the #1 bar in Canada. Mascot looks exactly like Luigi. Can’t go wrong.


There is nothing better on earth than seeing people dancing by the JukeBox while you sit, knowing that you put some coin in to have Martha, by Tom Waits, interrupt them. Martha Bomb.


Georgestown Pub for Saturday Night Karaoke! Outside it’s Mos Eisley. Inside it’s Apollo Theatre. The regulars put the “Bar” in Barbershop Quartet. I walked in once to hear an old man beautifully sing an opera piece, followed by Britney Spears.


The official “Golden Mile” in St. John’s will begin on April 18, 4:00 PM at the Ship. Remember, you shouldn’t feel like you need to drink at each bar. You’re only living in a province built upon the strength, courage, and determination of a people that have survived against all odds for centuries. No pressure, don’t feel like you have a legacy to live up to.

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  • I can almost guarantee the “old man” from the Georgetown Pub description was Dougie Boyce, he’s several kinds of awesome!

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