Winterset Shortlist Announced

The province’s biggest Literary Award – of $10,000 – has announced its shortlist. On it are Alan Doyle, the musician of Great Big Sea fame, for his biography Where I Belong; Megan Gail Coles for her lively collection of short stories, Eating Habits of the Chronically Lonesome, and local literary icon Michael Crummey, for his latest novel, Sweetland.

A Few Things About the Wood Street “Adult Massage Parlour” Debacle

Despite the fact that the city has several really shady adult massage parlours, or flat out underground brothels, Councillor Jonathan Galgay has made it his mission to target and destroy a very respectable and legit operation on Wood Street. Read The Overcast’s blog post / opinion here.

Papa’s Pier Restaurant Shuts Its Doors

Papa’s Pier in Churchill Square has gone the way of Bianca’s: out of business. After about 40 years in business – many of which spent as an acclaimed restaurant – Papa’s Pier is closing up due to a lack of business via stiff competition.

Scorpions on a Plane!

Poor Adam Young was just trying to get from Columbia to Mexico while on vacation this week, when a highly poisonous species of scorpion attacked him on an airplane. He was taking a nap, and felt “an insect” crawl under his shirt. Imagine. The insect was a frigging scorpion. And it stung him three times, leading to nausea, chest pains, and hallucinations. Flight attendants found and killed the scorpion, and the flight had to dash back to Columbia for an antidote, where he was greeted on the tarmac by a man with an anti-venom.

The City and the Dept. Of Transportation and Works Pay the Price for a Fatal Accident

Judge Mark Linehan has ordered both the city of St. John’s and the Dept. Of Transportation to pay $60,000 a piece for being guilty of seven counts violating OHS regulations that put their own people in harm’s way. As a result, a senior engineer was killed, and others hurt, by an SUV on the Outer Ring Road.

Allure Loses Its Liquor Licence … Again. 

For the second time in a year, Allure have lost their liquor licence for selling to minors. They won’t be open again until May. The minors in question had fake IDs.

New York Times Author Called Us Fat

New York Times writer Karl Ove Knausgaard was sent to our island to write about the historic and visually spectacular L’Anse Aux Meadows. But it was not the place he now famously remarked on, but rather the people. Namely their obesity. The fact that the woman in the St. Anthony hotel he stayed in had her husband drive him to L’Anse aux Meadows did not spare him his critical eye of locals. “Everyone in the place, except the waiter, was fat, some of them so fat that I kept having to look at them. I had never seen people that fat before … several people were wearing tight T-shirts with their big bellies sticking out proudly.”

Suspected Murderer Target of Threats

Defence lawyer Bob Buckingham is angry that, despite threats being caught on tape, and heard by a witness who will verify it, police aren’t acting on the threats lodged against his client, Ray Stacey. Stacey has been charged with the second degree murder of 41-year-old Clifford Comerford. This was the fatal stabbing in Mt. Pearl in January. Stacey is not looking to make a big deal of it for fear of being dubbed a rat before going to prison. No one in prison likes a rat. Many of Clifford’s family and friends were also in court, wearing T-shirts that read Justice for Cliff. Surprisingly, Buckingham finds their public grief surprising.

Rocket Bakery & Deli Have an Exclusive Line on Sausage from Raymonds’ Chefs

Maple, Italian, garlic, smoked kielbasa, and spicy chorizo – these five sausage staples are now available at Rocket Bakery and deli, and they’re made from 100% local ingredients, courtesy of two chefs from the globally renowned local restaurant, Raymonds. (Peter Burt and Ross Larkin.)

Big Boost for the Green Machine

Newfoundland and Labrador has what is called a Green Fund, whose purpose is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It’s latest expenditure was on the installation of more electric vehicle charging stations across the province. Car company Green Rock EVS are basically singlehandedly spearheading the shifting of gears from gas-powered to electric-powered cars on the island, and this $52,000 in funding is a huge boost for the cause. The money will fund 14 commercial electric vehicle charging stations in the provinces. There are now 50 electric vehicle stations in the province. Though not even as many electric vehicles. City councillor Dave Lane is pushing for council to have 2 in its fleet to save on gas while saving the environment.

No More Cardiologists at St. Clare’s; Please Take Your Heart Attacks Elsewhere

Eastern Health has decided to keep all their cardiologists at the Health Science, and stop sending them for routine shifts at St. Clare’s. Chief of Cardiology Sean Connors says that it’s not about budget cuts or a lack of staff, so much as a shift in technology allowing cardiologists to stick to a home base, and leave more matters of the heart to internal medicine specialists at St. Clare’s. The change will reportedly reduce patient wait times, as patients who prviously had to wait forever to see a cardiologist can now be seen to by non-cardiologist staff at St. Clare’s. Downside: anyone having a heart attack or the like in St. Clare’s will be re-directed to the Health Science. Time will tell how many people will die in transit.

Gavin “Guv’Nor” Tucker Literally Kicked Some Ass This Weekend

Ship Cove’s Gavin Tucker became the first ever Newfoundland winner of a Halifax-based ultimate fighting competition this weekend. It’s called the Extreme Cage Combat. He won in the featherweight division.

Police Prove How Many of Us are Guilty of Reckless Driving

Undercover police, dressed as things like school crossing guards or construction workers, aren’t out to catch a drug dealer in the act this winter; they’re after drivers on their cellphones, texting, tweeting, tuning into Overcast Radio, or whatever else it is you do on your phones that seems worth putting people’s lives at risk. It’s called Operation Ringtone. More than 500 tickets – at $110 a pop – were doled out in just under two months.

New Roles for Shaun Maujumder & Mark O’Brien

Mark O’Brien, best known as Des on The Republic of Doyle, has landed a role on AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. AMC are known for huge shows like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Mad Man. Halt and Catch Fire is a pre-existing show; O’Brien will join the cast in season 2. The show is about the computer tech boom in the 80s. He’ll be playing an IT guy. Shaun Majumder also recently landed a role on a major network. He’ll be a new face on TNT’s show, Breed.  Breed is a supernatural thriller focussed on a series of brutal murders in the Pacific Northwest. The crimes are investigated by detective who enlists the help of an assassin to help him hunt down the culprits. Majumder is playing Cooper’s new partner Teddy, a man possibly harbouring an “unnerving secret.”