Torbay Bearing the Brunt of Airport Pollution

It’s not new news, but it’s back in the news. Pollution from St. John’s International Airport is contaminating water supplies in Torbay, and halting developments. Two years ago, the province had to decommission South Pond as a possible water supply for Torbay because of this. The source of the pollution is chemicals used in the process if de-icing airplane wings. Currently, about 100 homes in the area being told, “Don’t worry, your wells are deeper than the contaminated area!” Phew, no cause for concern?

This environmental issues has made its way back into the news – not because of environmental degradation itself of course – but because the contamination is interfering with business in the form of real estate development. The Pine Ridge Subdivision, for example, has had to halt its growth.  The area around the Jack Byrne Arena is also affected (Welcome to Newfoundland, 2015 East Coast Music Award Gala! Enjoy your polluted surroundings!) As is always the case – the plan isn’t to cease the pollution and clean up the area, but to work around it. Torbay wants to tap into water supplies in St. John’s. bickering is expected to begin on the matter in the coming weeks.

We’re Richer than Ever … and Deep in the Red

We’re rolling in it … but spending too much. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business released a report this week stating that our province needs to start spending 1.6 billion less a year, which is obviously easier said than done.

Rabid Animals Not Likely To Get Us Here on the Island

Rabies is not a pretty disease: it turns animals into vicious, drooling, fearless beasts that really want to bite you, and it’s easily transferred to pets (see the classic heartbreaking film Old Yeller). While there are a handful of confirmed cases of Rabies in Labrador, including a lone wolf chasing a pack of snowmobilers, the province’s Chief Veterinary Officer has declared there’s no way for this to spread to the island of Newfoundland, unless melting ice conditions in Southern Labrador allow a rabid animal to surf on over. We have not had any Rabies here since 2002, and before that, 1998. Word is we can all relax, for now.

Restaurants Blame Snow Clearing for Valentine’s Parking Issues;
Councillor Blames Restaurants

Restaurants typically consider Valentine’s their biggest night of the year; bookings are maxed out and wallets are wide open. But after last week’s mammoth snowstorm, the city left yellow DO NOT PARK bags over parking meters for the big night. This left some restaurants quite vocal about the city’s lack of regard for their annual money-making night. Councillor Jonathan Galgay, chairman of the city’s public works committee, responded by blaming these restaurants for not doing their part – i.e shovelling the sidewalks in the front of their building … even though walkways weren’t the issue: bagged meters were. And in any case, as of this year, the city is supposed to clear sidewalks, and even salt them. But just not on Friday and Saturday nights when there is – as it is felt – too much pedestrian activity to work safely and efficiently. Makes sense, sure, but why put yellow bags over meters so early on a Saturday night, so no one could park, if there was no intention to clear snow until Sunday?