Rates of Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and HIV Alarmingly Spiking in the Province  

We’re at a 10-year high for HIV, and as of this fall, we’re seeing more more syphilis and gonorrhea than we have since the 1940s. Put your condoms on, b’y. The AIDS Committee of NL are saying that the age group particularly at risk are those between 30 and 49 coming out of relationships and hooking up with strangers again — because naive to the fact the dating pool is clearly a little dirtier than ever, in many senses of the word.

Cranberries are the New Cod?

Not quite, but they are being swooped up by the thousands on our island. This fall’s local haul of commercial cranberry production was about 1 million pounds. This is nearly double last year’s. Doesn’t mean the farmers are satisfied with the lot though, because it’s not a lucrative industry until more land can be converted into cranberry fields, and work is underway for that, thanks to 7 million in provincial/federal funding.

Burgeoning Bank Robber Caught

30 year old Sean Frampton has been accused of robbing 4 gas stations since August 31st, but has clearly been escalating: he was caught red handed this weekend, for holding up the CIBC bank in Churchill Square with a knife (and police say he was in possession of a gun). He bagged less than 5 grand in the act. RNC picked him and his accomplice up shortly after the robbery. They were caught near Alderberry lane, maybe plotting how to spend their money ,when the fuzz showed up to remind them of something obvious: no one gets away with bank robberies these days.

RNC Making an Effort with Sex Community

The RNC is trying to make local sex workers feel more safe and less worried about getting in trouble when they go to the police about dangers and concerns in their profession. Several female RNC officers will soon act as a bridge to connect the RNC and sex workers: when any worker has an issue to bring to the police, they go through these non-judgmental officers, who will be trained in hearing them out and knowing how to help. The officers will have taken part in training with Laura Winters of the Safe Harbour Outreach program. It’s a nice first step in sex workers coming to trust police, because criminalizing sex workers pushes the profession underground, which is a dangerous place for women to be in a trade where men feel these sex workers can’t report violence against them. This project is hosting a sit-in to promote nonviolence against sex workers on December 7th at 1pm at 170 Cashin Avenue.

Gander Airport Needs a New Terminal to Keep Their Operation off the Ground

Gander airport is actively looking for funding in order to build a new terminal to replace the existing one. The building they’re in is too large for their needs, and too pricey in terms of energy costs (which are five times higher than similar airports in Atlantic Canada). Plus, it’s kind of falling apart, and things like the roof would cost as much as four million to fix. A study shows that this airport generates 19 million a year in provincial taxes, and also, creates 1260 full time jobs. 20% of Gander relies on this airport for a job. These are facts CEO and president Reg Wright will leverage as he reaches out to federal and provincial partners to invest in this project.

Two Poachers Borrowed a Buddy’s Truck’n’Boat; Got Them Impounded on Him

Shane Pynn and Corey Parsons asked to borrow their buddy’s truck, and he said sure. What are friends for? Then he found out – sometimes they’re for getting your truck seized by the police. Pynn and Parsons were each fined $3,000 for poaching salmon in Corner Brook, and are barred from fishing at all for three years. Judge Wayne Gorman also ordered the seizure of their boat … and the pickup that drove it there. Which, of course, was their poor pal’s truck, and boat too. It was a 1996 Ford – 1996! The owner was clearly attached to it. Gorman ruled that the the owner of the pickup truck and boat knew what it was going to be used for.