Newfoundland Gaming Expo Is Hosting a Gaming Extravaganza for Everyone this Weekend

August is taking a break from non-stop music festivals this weekend, to offer you up a serious video game festival.

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Newfoundland Gaming Expo Hosting Gaming Extravaganza for Everyone

By Lauren Power

In the past decade, Settlers of Catan went from a niche German-engineered tabletop game to a cultural phenomenon, and now you can find games like Ticket to Ride pretty much anywhere you look.

On the electronic front, “mobile gaming”used to mean thirty minutes on your Game Gear before the batteries died. Now, it’s an eight billion dollar industry, supported by your aunt’s Candy Crush habit.

Kim Kardashian has her own gaming app, and she plays Call of Duty. We are beyond Thunderdome here, you guys.

So, it’s safe to say that there’s something for everybody at the Newfoundland Gaming Expo. The province’s first gaming conference will be open for hardcore gamers, casuals, and the general public on the weekend of August 23, taking place in Memorial’s University Centre.

The event is being hosted by Sandbox Gaming. The non-profit gaming organization is dedicated to raising money for kids charities, supporting the gaming community, and dispelling stereotypes.

At the event, for the hardcore among us, the conference means weekend-long fighting game tourneys, including all available Smash Bros platforms (64, Brawl, Melee, and the community-made mod Project M). Casuals can drop in on a round of Mario Kart 8 or a few battles in the Pokemon X/Y League. With eight real-life badges to collect, and a legit Elite 4 showdown waiting in the final round, your Kanto starters best come correct.

Sandbox Gaming will also be hosting a series of “showcase”games. Picked for their longer length, larger amount of players, or rarity, scheduled showcase games give attendees the chance to play epic games as they were meant to be played. Each showcase game will be hosted by a knowledgeable volunteer, preventing the need to dig out the instruction sheet.

Music will be provided by Retro Pulse, previously known as the Sandbox Gaming Charity Band, a video-game music band, covering all the hits from the Super Mario Bros. theme, to Kirby’s “Green Greens.”

The Newfoundland Gaming Expo Aug 23/24 – Presented by Sandbox Gaming and Co can be found on Facebook. Ticket prices will be $10 for one day, or $15 for a weekend pass.

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