Frequent travelers have heard of, and likely used Uber – a fabulous car service in most big cities where with the click of a button a car comes to get you, takes you where you’re going, and charges your credit card. It’s cash-free convenient, usually cheaper and quicker, and you can even track the car’s location as it comes for you.

We don’t have Uber in St. John’s, but Newfound Cabs has launched a new app to make transportation even simpler than dialing 7 digits.

As the press release reads, “Your cab ride is only a few swipes and clicks away! Newfound Cabs’ mobile app is available for IOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones and makes the cab booking experience faster and easier, by enabling customers to book immediate pickups and prebooking rides for later dates.”

Newfound Cabs are also beefing up their commitment to provide a more inclusive service for people with diabilities in town, through “the expansion of our wheelchair accessible cab fleet. Not only can people order accessible cabs directly from the mobile app, but members of the deaf community in St. John’s and surrounding areas can now order a cab for the first time.

“A couple of swipes and a cab will be on the way. Download and book your Newfound Cab today! Upon download, visit the contest page inside the app to enter for your chance to win $250 in cab vouchers.”