As far as genre representation goes in St. John’s, the one that gets the least media attention has been the one to produce the most consistently solid scene over the years: hardcore and metal. While folk and rock, or even wildcard genres like reggae and jazz have their peaks and heydays, the loud music scene in St. John’s hasn’t wavered in decades.

The latest local addition to the loud sound of St. John’s is Sinews, a band stacked full of names already well known in the local music scene, as they play in the likes of Werewoman, The Darts, Plainface., and Monsterbator: Matt Cull (guitar), Ashton Whitt (bass),and Matt Fudge (drums/vocals). Devon Milley – Monsterbator’s drummer – fronts the band on guitar and vocals.

It’s been the summer of Monsterbator members fronting bands with new albums – Stefan Warbanski’s Pervert Week released an amazing album just last month.

“I was dying to write some heavy music again,” says Milley, “so while my daughter would nap I would quietly write heavy riffs on an unplugged electric guitar. One day I woke up and decided I wanted to bring it to life, five minutes later I called Matt Fudge and said, “Does Plainface want to play a bunch of metal I wrote?’ I’d say a week later we started jamming, then we recorded an EP a month later.”

Their new EP, Corpus, not only lives up to, but exceeds their supergroup status. “Bones” and “Vices”in particular will sell you on that sentiment within 20 seconds of clicking play. Their live show debut is August 7th at The Levee with Surgeon (rare treat these days) and Pervert Week (who just launched an amazing new album of their own).