Jonathan Howse’s upcoming show, Sacred, will explore ideas of holiness, goodness, glory, and the spaces we create to allow for these ideas.

“Icon” by Jonathan Howse

In his newest work, being shown at Christina Parker Gallery, Jonathan looks for the contemporary equivalent to the halo. The halo is a visual symbol created by artists to solve a problem: how to represent the glory of an individual in pictures.

Through experimental mark making and the pursuit of optically enhanced and expansive visual planes, Jonathan wants to discover new ways to be human, and new ways to be glorious.

This show will look to the act of painting as it creates new spaces and new worlds in which new thoughts can live.

Jonathan wants to explore painting as different than thought, and understand different stories about our world other than modern civilization. His upcoming show will look to these new stories, these new modes of living, these new symbols for the halo and ultimately these new ways and spaces in which to be human.

This show—which will be Jonathan’s second solo exhibition with the gallery—will run from April 7-April 29, at Christina Parker Gallery. For details about the artist and images of his work, you can visit