This play is Joint Productions’ eighth one and might be their greateth one. It’s Neil LaBute’s In a Forest Dark and Deep – a play that had its world premiere production at the famed Vaudeville Theatre in 2011, and stared Matthew Fox (“Jack” of Lost fame), and English actress Olivia Williams.

The townie version premiering this month will star theatre veterans Jill Kennedy and Neil Butler. Coming off his successful stint as Sgt. Daniel Hood in Republic of Doyle, Steve O’Connell will make a move from screen to stage to direct the play.

In a nutshell, In a Forest Dark and Deep is a “dark, comedic test of the familial bond.” It chafes an academic, perfectionist against a crass carpenter to ensure friction in the siblings’ relationship. “Once a dark secret is revealed, their already strained bond is pushed to its absolute limit.”

The 100-minute play is set in a midwestern cabin during a violent storm. Sister Betty has called in brother Bobby on a favour – she needs help quickly clearing the place out for new tenants. But on a good day these two siblings can’t imagine how they came from the same mother.

“Sniping about their differences eventually leads them to griping about much more pressing matters, when an unearthed photo leads to probing questions and dark revelations.”

The play will set you back $27, unless you’re a student or a senior ($22). The show starts 8 pm every night with a 2pm PWYC on the 17th too. Tickets here.