Levels is the newest nightclub in St. John’s. Located on 2 George Street above Trapper John’s, this charming little loft-based discotheque was previously known as the notorious after hours den we knew and loved called “Spin,” and much later “Onyx.”

I find people sometimes have an odd habit of keeping a stigma permanently attached to a physical space, especially when it comes to nightlife venues, regardless of multiple name changes to try and catch a clean slate. With that said, if you’re under the assumption that Levels might just be another spiritual successor to one of its predecessors, owners and operators Scott Neary, Lindsay Jean, and Mark Mullaly have other plans in mind for the space.

“We wanted to create a space where people could actually go to be themselves, and feel comfortable” Scott humbly notes. “We wanted a space where someone could hear a song they’ve never heard before, and leave with an extended musical palette. We want to be more than just a top 40s George Street dance club.”

The three behind this venue are 22 and 23 year old entrepreneurs, which potentially makes the trio the youngest bar owners in the city. The fact that the owners are younger than expected isn’t the only thing that sparks intrigue. More importantly, they’re dance music enthusiasts who are making an attempt at trying to stay on top of what’s relevant in a niche musical movement.

They’re also adamant on ensuring that the music and the overall experience comes before all the filler that goes hand in hand with a lot of dance clubs. I may be a little biased, but I think it’s refreshing that there’s a new club in the city that doesn’t have a perpetual stream of radio remixes emitting from the speakers. Of course there’s a time and a place for everything, but having an alternative is always welcome.

“To date we’ve booked over 25 DJs and we’ve only been open for 6 weeks. The importance of having a variety of DJs keeps it new and exciting.” says Mark “You learn a lot from working with a variety of people, and I can’t imagine ever just pooling through the same performers all the time. We’re always open to new names, new faces, and new genres.”

To be specific, Mark has affirmed his claim, as Levels have regularly booked various up and coming local acts that fit all across the spectrum, such as up and coming DJ duo Mi’xmaq, veterans like Slim Macho, hip-hop collective Te$laz, and the occasional collaboration with crews like Yung Dumb and Neon Satori. While this endeavour is definitely still in its infancy, it’s safe to say that starting a new business and not sticking to the safest formula is always an admirable risk.

If you find yourself on George Street and feel like dancing to something a little different, you should consider dropping in. You might hear something you like.