A waste audit conducted by Multi-Materials Stewardship Board (MMSB) this summer measured the amount of solid waste generated through regular operations at the St. John’s Farmer’s Market. The results indicated The Market produces an estimated 4000 pounds of waste per season.

While The Market was already diverting an impressive 54% of its waste through recycling and composting, they strove for further improvement, and implemented several new programs to become a more sustainable space. The Market has:

  • Switched from Styrofoam to paper food containers.
  • Installed waste diversion stations for recyclable, organic waste, and garbage.
  • Contracted Island Compost to collect organic waste every Saturday.
“The SJFM wishes to be a leader in waste reduction in St. John’s, and to that end is now targeting a 70% diversion rate for on-site waste. The SJFM is working towards this goal by educating volunteers and market patrons on waste diversion. Signs are posted at all waste receptacles and volunteers are posted to help.  Patrons are also being encouraged to “BYOF” (bring your own fork) and coffee cup (for a reduced coffee price).”