Mary Walsh Character/Website Looks to Heave Steve & Help Syrians

"Harper, like the penny, will take a while to get out of our system - let's bring a load of sense to Ottawa NOW!"

“Harper, like the penny, will take a while to get out of our system – let’s bring a load of sense to Ottawa NOW!”

Visit and click click the penny. “Marg” will match a real penny for every virtual cent, which will go towards helping Syrian refugees. You can click the penny once a day. Share it widely, tell your moms.

And “for the love and honour of god,” on October 19th, “give the poor crime minister the chance he so desperately needs to stop all his relentless, exhausting, fear mongering and panic pushing and terrifying the Canadian citizenry into a frenzy of dread.”


  • Once again, an idiot involved in entertainment, (and I use that term loosely) becomes an expert on politics. She should just go away and have another drink.

    • Scott: I like how you don’t even entertain the notion that YOU’RE an idiot. Look at the polls, my friend. The Cons are hovering around 30%. That means 70% of Canadians are smart enough to hate Harper as a prime minister. Mary Walsh is a bright woman, by the way. She’s not her characters. And satire is the oldest and most effective form of political discourse anyway.

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