Some Good: Nutritious Newfoundland Dishes is almost like a dare: Eat what you’ve grown up on here, but somehow make it healthy. The cookbook is a fusion of healthy eating and traditional NL dishes; in other wordss, a delicious oxymoron which the author makes work.

Do the new twists on Newfoundland classics always work out? The Kilted Chef, Alain Bosse, says yes, adding that “all the recipes in this book are gluten free and rely on healthy fats, so I can satisfy my desire for a good Newfoundland scoff without the guilt that sometimes comes along with it.”

As an example, her version of good ol’ fish’n’chips – our defining, heart-stopping dish – is a “Battered Baked Cod” that bakes, not fries the fish, and uses rice and almond flour in the batter.

Mitton grew up on Newfoundland fare. It wasn’t her degree that had her re-evaluate her diet. It was her health. She blamed her diet for a number of health complaints, from fatigue and anemia to being uncomfortable with her weight. Like many of us, busy in our jobs (for her, a career in finance), she relied on convenience food at the inconvenience of her well-being.

A renewed focus on her health, a naturopathic doctor, and a few workshops on nutrition led her to become the Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and cookbook author she is today. A few months back, she won the 2018 Danielle Perreault Trailblazer Award from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.