NDP has launched a “Real Budget 2016 Calculator” that “comes a heck of a lot closer than the budget tool posted earlier this week by Finance Minister Cathy Bennett” in helping people quickly calculate how much disposable income they’ll lose every year because of the new austerity budget. It’s a simple process, do it here: http://www.nlbudget2016.com

“What our calculator does is give people an idea how much more they can expect to lose from their disposable income as a result of the measures in the Liberal budget,” said NDP Leader Earle McCurdy. “They type in their income and how much they spend on gas on a monthly basis. From there the calculator can tell them the effects on their spending power on a monthly and yearly basis; this step will reflect the changes in income tax, HST, gas tax, insurance tax, and of course the Liberal Levy.”

The results page also includes links to the 300+ new fees imposed by Budget 2016 as well as to the government’s own calculator which will tell people how much they can expect from the new Income Supplement and the increased Seniors’ Benefit.

“People can easily work out for themselves how much extra they will pay for vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, salmon licenses, apprenticeship training, camping, and all the other new charges to live in our province.”