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The Naysayers: Lady-led Rock Band from the Yukon Hit Town This Week
By Heather Nolan

The Naysayers have landed in St. John’s – a long way from their home in Dawson City, Yukon. The group have spent the last month playing shows across Ontario, and headed eastward in support of their newest album, Hope, which dropped in June.

The band is self-diagnosed with a “unique sound recalling folk and country songwriting influences through a filter of scrappy American guitar rock.”

Songwriter Drea Nasager says the music scene in Dawson draws heavily from folk and country roots, but that rock and roll was a more honest sound for the band.

“We’re a rock band because our styles translate through my songs with that energy,” Nasager said. “We are very honest, Dawson shapes us in that way.”

They played at CBTGs on Wednesday night, and opened for The Burning Hell last night at The Rockhouse.

You can still catch them. They’re playing tonight at The Levee, with The Domestics and The Ilia Nicholl Band.