CBC’s Ron MacLean, best known as a hockey commentator, was in town recently,
and like any food-loving visitor,he visited Mallard Cottage for a meal. The meal MacLean
chose was Mallard’s contribution to The Overcast’s Temporary Burger Showdown – a seal burger.

When MacLean told Don Cherry what he had for lunch, Cherry “jokingly” asked MacLean,
during a Coach’s Corner segment on Hockey Night in Canada, “What are you, a savage, a barbarian?”
The comment was met with national outrage, in the form of sadness, anger, or wit:


Don has been quick to apologize for the remark:

… But if he really wants to make it up to us, he should make his next suit a sealskin suit?

The chef, Todd Perrin, who decided to enter the burger challenge with a seal burger,
is no stranger to commentary on serving seal meat and was entirely unphased by the comment.
Mallard’s burger is certainly the anomalous conversation piece in the competition.
And if you’re one who is wary of seal meat, you can’t say you’re not curious about it now?
What better way to try seal for the first time, than in burger format, prepared by one of the country’s most acclaimed chefs.