For those of you who don’t remember Mustang Sally’s, we’ll have a proper article up shortly, and in the February issue. For those of you who do: It’s back … and coming back with a bang!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase your exclusive tickets here.
  2. Go to Mustang Sally’s at 203 Water Street between noon and 10pm on Friday (15th) or Saturday (16th) or on Sunday between noon and 5pm.
  3. Order a delicious meal, and enjoy your exclusive access to Mustang Sally’s.
  4. Enjoy your meal knowing that you were one of the first to try out the new Mustang Sally’s while supporting a charity for persons with disabilities, through Easter Seals.

Each ticket entitles the purchaser to:

  • one meal (whatever you want) +
  • one drink (whatever non-alcoholic you want) +
  • one desert (whatever you want) +
  • 20% off regular retail prices for every meal after your first (excluding beverages) for Friday and Saturday
  • exclusive access to Mustang Sally’s Friday and Saturday (day + night)
This is an exclusive event and only open to people who purchase tickets. Tickets will not be sold at the door.