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MUNbuttoned: A Four Day event to Loosen Up and Share Learning
By Lauren Power

The Harris Centre at Memorial wants academics to loosen up, and break out of the ivory tower for a while.

MUNbuttoned is a four-day event, showcasing the fun, interesting stuff that the largest university in Atlantic Canada has to share with the community.

“It’s a good way to open lines of communication between those inside and outside Memorial University,” says Amy Tucker, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator at the Harris Centre. “We wanted something to reflect that this is a relaxed atmosphere, not the “buttoned up” atmosphere that academic events typically are. We went through MUNimaginable, MUNbelievable … then settled on MUNbuttoned!”

The event is being put off by The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development at Memorial, as part of its ongoing work towards stimulating informed discussion of important provincial issues.

Here’s the event rundown:

Night 1 – October 1, “How We Work, Live, and Play”

Rocket Room from 7-9

Presenters from diverse disciplines present using 20 slides that each change automatically after 20 seconds. Each of the lectures focus on Newfoundland and Labrador society, and how we work, live and play, with sessions on community-based participatory research, activity and aging, Good Neighbour Agreements, simulations, refugee experiences, economics, geography, dialect and more.

“It’s a different kind of format, as the faculty, staff and students who are presenting must be very concise,” says Tucker. No more falling asleep in SN-2109!

Night 2 – October 2, “Story, Stage, and Song”

Rocket Room from 7-9

Showcasing performances that link to research projects, all performing works related to Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Pan Labrador Newfoundland Youth Choir. The Science of Art. Song traditions. And documentary theatre on the Ocean Ranger. It’s a month of culture, wrapped up in one night. So enriching!

Day 3 – October 3, “Applied Research Info Fair”

The Loft in the University Centre, 12-1

Interested in finding out more about applied research. Swing by the UC, where the Harris Centre will have a booth. “We’ll welcome people coming to learn more about the us, and speak with us about their ideas for research, teaching and public engagement,” says Tucker.

Day 4 – October 4, “Super Duper Science Fair”

Avalon Mall from 2-4

The Super Science Fair brings a satisfying mix of the dangerous (volitaile chemical reactions, electricity) and the gross (human anatomy, the bottom of St. John’s Harbour, math).

It’s an afternoon of interactive demonstrations and family-friendly fun, including the wet-and-squishy delights of a touch tank.

“We will be bringing a portable invertebrate seawater tank with live critters for visitors to look at, learn and touch,” says Danielle Nichols of the Department of Ocean Sciences. “We will also have information on school programs offered by the Department of Ocean Sciences and the Oceans Learning Partnership (OLP).”

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