MUN Student Katy Warren Is “Canada’s Smartest Person,” and Seemingly One of the Coolest

She's not only "Canada's Smartest Person," but a uncicyling, piccolo-playing, roller-derbying performer of improv.

This year’s winner of CBC’s Canada’s Smartest Person gameshow is a 21 year old electrical engineering student at MUN: Katy Warren. Unsurprisingly, Katie is at MUN courtesy of an entry scholarship.

Canada’s Smartest Person is not your average Jeopardy-style trivia game. It’s more like an IQ test, that tests and challenges the multiple forms of intelligence that exist, from linguistic and musical, to social, physical, and logical.

Prior to going on the show, she told CBC “It’s based on the idea that a really smart person is a well rounded person.” Her fellow finalists from across the country speak to that diversity: a music producer, a wine consultant, an IT security executive, a football player, a YouTube performer, and a high school teacher.

To get to the final round, these contestants all had to beat another suite of smarty pantses in a separate episode. There were 7 rounds/weeks of that. She’d cite curiosity as the bait that hooks her intelligence: she’s always learning new things, and not just about engineering: Katy can ride a unicycle.

She can play instruments you don’t even know, like the piccolo. She’s also on a roller derby team. She’s even done programming for the Coast Guard, and is an avid performer in the realm of improv. It’s unsurprising this one can think on her feet. And she’s afraid of nothing, not even grammar. “Bring on those difficult diphthongs,” her Twitter bio reads. Sign her up for Canada’s Coolest Person next.

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