Mr. Too Nice Guy


“I have ended things with at least 3 men this year because they’re too nice. Cloyingly nice. Annoyingly so. It comes off as insincere or something. Or it’s annoying that half the conversation is me thanking for compliments and kindness. It gets old and boring to be over-complimented, and on the same things. It sounds really effed up to complain about. I just want a normal amount of nice, inherently kind, not overtly so, to the point I’d rather talk about other things than me, like Trump, the election, snacks, I dunno. Is that so weird? it feels weird to answer ‘he was too sweet’ when someone asks why I ended things, I must say.” – Mrs. Bitter Buns 

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  1. Call me up. I’ll objectify you, forget to return your phone calls, hit on your friends, and drink too much.

  2. I’d say it’s partly because it’s a time when men don’t know how to act anymore.
    Specifically, they fear appearing sexist or misogynist because men, mainly white males,
    get the blame for the most of the western world’s problems.
    Try saying you prefer Trump over Hillary to a girl you just started dating, see where that goes…

  3. Accurate af. Modern manhood is a shameful excuse of a wasted life. To quote Tyler Durden: “We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.”

  4. I hope you told him why it didn’t work out. Not all men are born with the ability to pick up on signals and treat a woman accordingly. Don’t tell him why it didn’t work out for his sake, do it for the next poor girl he goes on a date with, the ol’ “You’re really nice but just not my type” line isn’t doing women any favors, it just releases clueless men back into the wild

  5. Let’s be honest – most women are annoying and have stupid opinions.
    Some men don’t even pretend to care what a female has to say.
    Any smart man knows that won’t get you far.
    You have to let them think they have some power and a couple water vodkas will help that nicely.

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