Stella’s Circle has been given permission to hold their annual Light Up Hope event in a unique space that’s never been used before. It’s the new car-free space in the centre of Rawlin’s cross, that was created by the new roundabout, and is currently boxed in by roadblocks.

At October 17th’s council meeting, Cllr. Jamieson called it an exciting way to use the space, adding, “who knows what we can do with it more permanently in the future.”

The rest of council looked like they agreed, and Cllr Hanlon asked people to “send in suggestions” for what the space could be used for in the future, if that space does become a permanent fixture.

Cllr Burton has double checked and confirmed that the fire department can navigate the Rawlins Cross Roundabout safely without needing to use the middle section during an emergency.

Mini block parties may abound, and provide a glimpse into the small pleasures most capital cities enjoy in public spaces.

So, kudos to the new city council for making a traffic jamming intersection less congested, and not caving to some inevitable blowback about establishing something new in this old town. And kudos again, for entertaining fun ways to use the novel outdoor space that is emerging because of it.

As a parting note on the intersection, if you’re in camp “That Intersection Is a Nightmare for Pedestrians!” please consider holding that sentiment against bad or selfish drivers, who ignore or cannot navigate crosswalks.

If drivers are indeed ignoring crosswalks, it’s not city council’s fault some townie drivers treat pedestrians as intrusions, right? Anyone who fails to check for a crosswalk or stop for a pedestrian shouldn’t have passed their driver’s exam.