“I wonder if you see yourself in the posts your female friends may have made or in the stories about men coming out about the harm they’ve done or women coming forward with allegations against men of status – that just maybe what you’ve done in the past isn’t too different from the atrocities we keep hearing about. Your community could hold you accountable and acknowledge the harm you’ve done or even give you resources to rehabilitate yourself. But, let’s be realistic they’ve been cushioning you from your actions for years and enabling the harm you’ve perpetuated against women. You are where their politics and values suddenly become inconvenient as they need you to be the person you pretend to be. Someday, I hope it all catches up to you and won’t be able to charm yourself out of it.” – Let her be

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  • Sometimes people accept certain behaviours from certain people and sometimes the exact same behaviour would be considered harassment or assault from other people. This grey area is not worth ruining a persons life.

  • I have no idea on why anyone would be quiet about assault unless your lying. Fuck the job, the higher ups etc. If you are a man or woman who has been harassed, assaulted etc. They need to be held accountable for their actions like you would be if you …ohhh….i dunno did something like press the wrong button?

  • Like most men, I have a shit-list of female names whose actions would constitute sexual assault. If i felt strongly above being a victim, i would go to the police instead of social media.

  • I’ve been wondering when local abusers would be outed. There’s plenty of trash being protected here and more than a few shitlists outing them in washroom stalls in downtown bars.

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