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“Just wondering if there’s any interest in creating a Men’s Film Fest? Same Rules as the Women’s Film Fest, although we run the risk of sexism but i think it’s a small price to pay for the quality of films that would come from it.” – E. Kwalatea

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  • Lica – i don’t see how the fact that women being unrepresented in film makes it “impossible” to have a Men’s Film Fest. It would be difficult only because male participants would be ostracized as being sexist and they wouldn’t want to be stick they’re neck out in the social media age.
    As well-known feminist Camille Paglia points out “ There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper.” There seems to be a difference in male and female obsession and intensity which affects the arts. I don’t think women are under represented for any other reason than not as many women are interested in dedicating themselves in the same way.
    I think the women’s film fest is a good thing, but I also think films created exclusively by women fail to appeal to many men because the content and subject matter does not interest men and perhaps that affects the audience and thusly, under-representation.
    Since it’s fair to say you are a firm believer in “reading comprehension” (I assume we must have equal appreciation of reading comprehension), here is a scientific study that outlines sex differences in men and women in regard to their interests – Men prefer “things” and women prefer “people”. Perhaps this can give some insight…

  • Micheal – I would quite happily like to point out that it would be impossible to host a Men’s film festival “using the same rules that apply” to the SJIWFF.

    The reason why is astonishingly simple.
    Women are grossly unrepresented in the film industry, even in the present day. One could even say that mainstream film culture is one big ol’ Men’s Film Festival. Events such as the women’s film festival hosted here serve to support, promote, and celebrate women filmmakers, in attempts to bridge this gap.
    A worthwhile endeavor, no?

    Since you’re a firm believer in reading comprehension, I suggest giving this a peek if you’d like to learn more about gender advocacy in the film industry:

  • Joe Tex – I didn’t say The Women’s Film Festival was in my way; i said i’d like to be involved in a Men’s Festival, using the same rules that apply to the Women’s Festival. I also said i dislike most things that have been coming from here, which tend to be female biased.
    Maybe you should comprehend what you are reading before you shoot off sarcastic bullshit.
    Perhaps your girlfriend is involved and your feelings are hurt?

  • Michael, if you think the Women’s Film Festival is getting in the way you creating your cinematic masterpiece then you need to take a little nap, get up, realize that you can’t blame an organization that promotes women in film for the fact that you haven’t made one. You sound confident. I’d love to see what you come up with.

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