Jerry Joy and his wife and two girls have been living in St. John’s for the past seven years. It was through his work as a realtor with Keller Williams Platinum Realty in St. John’s that Joy got the motivation to get the wheels on The Indian Express, his culinary side hustle.

“I always served a full Indian buffet at my agent’s open houses whenever I listed new houses,” says Joy. “A lot of my fellow realtors encouraged me to start a restaurant or food truck or something. So, I thought of taking a chance!”

It was Joy’s wife, Jasmi, who suggested that he should put his face on the side of the truck. “She thought it would be funny,” he says.

The Indian Express serves both North Indian and South Indian cuisine. Generally speaking, North Indian cuisine brings in lots of breads (like naan and samosas, which Joy serves on the truck) and curries such as palak paneer and aloogobi.

Joy brings the Southern inspiration through his use of rice, lentils, and stews, and seasoned veggies with tamarind and dried curry leaves. He’s also bringing some dishes that are new to the city’s growing international food scene.

“Pumpkin erissery is a popular dish from the south Indian state of Kerala in India, where we are originally from,” says Joy. “Pumpkin erissery is a mild and tempered curry, with light sweet tones from the pumpkin and coconut, and with some heartiness from the beans. They are very tasty and nutritious, too!”

The menu changes every day. “There is a limitation to the amount of food that can be produced at the truck,” says Joy. “So we decided to go with a limited menu every day, but they will be freshly prepared every day. I think people of St. John’s will appreciate it! Nothing tastes better than freshly cooked food.”

Joy recommends his curry platters, featuring basmati rice, naan, butter chicken and chickpea curry, all for $9.99.There’s vegan and veg options, too.

According to Joy, the response to the Indian Express has been overwhelming. “It is so exciting to hear the responses from the returning customers and new customers, both online and the serving window!” says Joy.

“The other day when it snowed, it was just unbelievable to see the number of people standing at the line, fighting the snow and wind!”

In the coming months, Pit Crew on 11 Major’s Path will be the Indian Express’ permanent spot. “As it gets warmer, we are planning to go around the city for lunch hours.  We are also very excited about the upcoming summer festivals!”

The Indian Express is open at 11 Major’s Path every Tuesday through Saturday, serving supper. For updated hours, find them on Facebook, or follow them on Instagram at @indianexpressnl