The sentiment that launched the app is clear, “Would you agree that women shouldn’t have to nag men to lower the toilet seat, pick up dirty laundry, load the dishwasher, etc? The House Trainer contains 16 outlandish instructional videos that star Rose O’Brien and her unconventional housekeeping and etiquette training tactics.”

The House Trainer lets you:
• Hire Rose O’Brien (actress and comedian Mary Walsh) to house-train your man through her unconventional training tactics.
• Browse up to 16 over-the-top instructional videos.
• Build and name a custom video training program.
• Tell Rose O’Brien, via the app, to email the program to men that need to be house-trained.

The House Trainer (free with in-app purchasing for extra content) is available on the Apple App Store:

“Since the dawn of time women have had to put up with men and their pesky habits – until now. Geriatric Technology has launched the playful and novel mobile iOS app, The House Trainer, starring award-winning actress and comedian Mary Walsh as Rose O’Brien. Rose O’Brien is a fiery and imposing character whose mission in life is to reform men. The House Trainer app contains 16 instructional videos that star Rose O’Brien and her outlandish training tactics. App users can browse the available videos, build a custom training program and email the program, via the app, from Rose O’Brien to friends and family that need to be house-trained.

Phase 2 of The House Trainer’s plan is to produce an app that will allow men to fire back and reform women of their pesky habits.

Rose O’Brien’s ‘How To’ videos teach men of all ages the following housekeeping and etiquette skills, and then some:
• lower the toilet seat
• change the toilet paper roll
• hang the bathroom towels
• rinse the bathroom sink
• wash the dishes (properly)
• load the dishwasher
• clear the table
• put a cell phone away
• close your mouth when eating
• stop backseat driving

1. Opening Screen Screenshot (The House Trainer)      3. Instructional Video Screenshot (The House Trainer)   2. Bathroom Screenshot (The House Trainer)