“As someone who slaved over their album this year, and did not make the Borealis Music Prize longlist (something I secretly wanted to be in the running for since recording the album) I was appalled and astonished to see a Facebook ‘friend’ and local musician complain about her nomination. And worse, she cried misogyny for being nominated for a music award! Misogyny means not being nominated because of your gender, or, having to read a clearly demeaning remark about yourself because of your gender — Heather, haven’t you written dozens of articles for The Overcast? Aren’t 75% of its writers women (Eva, Felicity, Emily, Elizabeth, Wendy, Amy, etc)? Doesn’t it publish more pieces about feminist issues than other local media combined (as I type this, there are two feminist issue articles in the “popular posts” tab)? Hasn’t The Overcast’s male contributors praised you time and time again as a songwriter, while some of us got no press? Is it so wrong a paper would compliment your drummer when your drummer is Phil! Misogyny isn’t a compliment like “a voice that’ll melt your bones,” it’s something that implies “not bad for a girl.” You can’t cry wolf on feminist affronts, you can’t say the paper talked about the female-fronted albums differently when in fact if you read the article they did not, and by doing so, you tainted the joy surrounding the celebration of local music today. I hope you know there are dozens of local musicians who would have loved your slot you are complaining about getting, and this poor paper, having to put up with the music community shitting on it for trying to give someone free press and $1000. Makes me shake my head.” – So Frustrated