Baden Cunning bakes a mean donut; a donut The Food Network’s Donut Showdown has called its latest $10,000 winner.

Baden self-describes his culinary work as “punk meets Martha Stewart. Edgy with a little perfection in there.”

The 30-minute competition brings “three of the best bakers head-to-head-to-head to test their creativity and donut skills.”

In each episode, the first challenge is to create donuts that include a surprise ingredient. For Baden, it was wasabi. Competitors present their creations to three judges, who send one of the bakers packing.

The remaining 2 competitors must make a batch based on a theme dictated by the judges, utilizing another secret ingredient. On this episode it was masquerade theme, using pomegranate. One of Baden’s donuts had a champagne glaze with popping candy.

You can watch the full episode by clicking here.

Baden works at Toronto’s The Steady Cafe and Bar, and was approached by The Food Network to be on the show, despite the fact he didn’t have the background in donuts his competitors had.

Instead, he had what most Newfoundlanders have: memories with mom and nan kneading bread in the kitchen. It was enough to beat his competition: an executive pastry chef from Florida, and a beer aficionado from Ohio.

His motivation to win? He wanted to come back home and see family, “because it’s been way too long.”