Brown bagging your lunch can be a drag. However, as a for-real grown-up, you know that you have to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Belgium-born Daan Goossens and St. John’s native Jon Butler are hoping to help people in St. John’s refine  their lunch lifestyles with their new lunch delivery service, LunchIn (

“With LunchIn, we make it easier for you to eat healthy by taking the planning and preparation time down to 5 minutes in the ordering process where it usually takes up to 2 hours,” says Goossens.

LunchIn will deliver a lunch to your door (home or office) for under $10, all in recyclable and eco-friendly packaging.

Right now, options include sandwiches and salads, as well as their vegan Buddha Bowl, with spinach, sweet potato, chickpeas, quinoa, and cherry tomatoes in their ginger peanut sauce.

Originally from Belgium, Goossens is currently teaching engineering management and entrepreneurship in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences at MUN. “I love relating my experiences with establishing LunchIn to the course material I teach,” says Goossens.

One topic up for discussion in Goossens’s lectures is entrepreneurship in St. John’s. Goossens says that NLers are sometimes reluctant to try new things that stray away from traditional models.

“Some people can be very skeptical of innovation,” he says. “Now, don’t get me wrong:  there are people out there who just give new things a try as well! Given that though, our plan is to just focus on providing the best service possible. We are seeing that customers really appreciate that you truly care about them.”

Here’s how the ordering process works: Currently, they accept orders weekly on Sunday and Monday for the week (to limit food wastage). Orderers select a main and a piece of fruit (more on that in a bit), and an optional drink or side for each day they’d like lunch delivered. Then, all week long, LunchIn delivers between 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon.

“Something that is really fun for us to see is that because people order ahead of time, it slips their mind and it always feels like showing up with an unexpected present when we do deliver,” says Goossens.

Just in case you weren’t feeling taxed enough, post-budget: LunchIn charges 50 cents more if you want a lunchbox without a piece of fruit. Including an apple, banana, or clementine to your lunch comes at no extra charge, but opting out of your fruit snack means you get dinged by LunchIn’s “fruitless tax.”

“I think the fruitless tax is a major thing for us as it shows what kind of company we are and that we like to think differently in favour of our customers,” says Goossens.