Before we get to the news of the new food stand at The Loop in Bannerman park, it’s 22 year old proprietor is a story in himself: Max Staubitzer built his first house with his own hands when he was only 18, and he used the equity to help him with other business ventures. Some might know of one: Snow and Mow — why shovel or mow your lawn if this guy will?

Max opened Newfoundland’s first BeaverTails Trailer, down on Harbour Drive, when he was 20. BeaverTails are a classic dessert-style snack of hand-stretched, whole-wheat pastries, served hot, and topped with your choice of goods: chocolate & bananas? Cinnamon & sugar? “The pastries are very similar to toutons,” Max says. “What Newfoundlander doesn’t love toutons! ”

Max has since sold that trailer to buy a more mobile operation: a food truck. His aim is to get that up and running for the summer. In the meantime, Max has converted an existing food stand in the park into a BeaverTails operation. He was one of nine potential vendors vying for the sweet spot. (Not sure who the others were.)

To sweeten the deal, he offered to give 2% of his takings to the Bannerman Park foundation, plus free hot chocolate to visitors on Sundays. “The park was missing somewhere for children to get a treat and rest for a few minutes,” he says. “Everyone knows skating and hot chocolate are the perfect combination. That’s why, every Sunday 2-4pm we will be giving away free hot chocolate.”

Some Sundays, Max will “operate in partnership with other locally owned businesses, and some will be dedicated to local charities who will be able to raise awareness and funds through donations.”

This Sunday, January 10th, The Wish Women, a fundraising group for the Children’s Wish Foundation NL,  joined BeaverTails at the Loop for their free hot chocolate promotion and raised $700. They will be returning January 17th in hopes of another successful fundraising opportunity. 

BeaverTails NL, will be open throughout the winter Tues-Thurs 2pm-9pm, Fri 2pm – 10pm and Sat & Sun 11am – 10pm.