Located at 41 Shaw Street, The Longside Club is an organization with 60 – 80 members with mental and physical disabilities. At the club, they participate in social events such as bingo, dances, art, pool, movies, and karaoke. Unfortunately, the club recently lost most of their government funding, and has also been lacking the volunteer support they usually have for their Friday suppers, which helped provide much of the money used to pay their monthly $1,824 in rent and utilities.

In order to raise them some money, Dicky from Sonny Tripp, some wonderful club managers, and many, many local acts, have stepped in, and set up the following fundraiser shows.

Tuesday, Feb. 18th – THE LEVEE – 10:30pm – $6.00

The Beach B’ys
Courtney Dday
The Daisy Cutters
Matthew Hare
Len O’Neill

Saturday, Feb. 22nd – THE REPUBLIC – 9:30pm – $7.00

Maggie Meyer
Selina Boland
The Elizabeatans

Saturday, Feb. 22nd – DISTORTION – 10pm – $7.00

Terry Reilly
Squawk Box
Sayde Black & the Slick Opportunists
Mice & Men
Sonny Tripp

Sunday, March 2nd – THE SHIP PUB – 9pm – $10.00

Joanna Barker & The Howl
Chris Kirby
Katie Baggs
Steve Maloney
Sandy Morris & Jamie Dart
Heather Nolan
Casual Male
Long Distance Runners

“It’s been a hell of a lot more work putting this together than I thought it would be. I dunno how Tony Murray, Gene Browne, Chris Meyers, and Glen Tizzard do this all the time, those guys are awesome, however it will be well worth it once it’s all over and The Longside Club remains opened. I don’t wanna say I am doing any of this for myself, however there is obviously some self-satisfaction knowing that peoples lives will be a little more joyful due in small part to my help, and the help of the community around us. This city has always been extremely supportive of not just the arts, but of the residents who struggle on a daily basis and we never shy away from doing something to benefit those people in need. Musicians around here, in particular, are always willing to help out in some way, and we luckily have some of best around! Schedule-wise, it was a little difficult to book artists on such late notice, but the people who were unable to perform were still very much willing to help out in any other ways they could. Some of the musicians I have booked have actually worked at the Longside Club, such as Joanna Barker for instance. Jerry Stamp actually, who is unfortunately unable to perform do to scheduling, also used to volunteer his time to assist people with disabilities! This is an important cause, and I hope people from all around come out, have fun, and go home knowing they did something really nice for a person in need that night and they had a good time doing it!” -Dicky Strickland