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“I love VOCM Open Line, and think Paddy does a great job moderating and being open to both sides … I just wish he’d lay off the sports summaries at the start of every show. Wondering if others feel the same way? I don’t care for sports, and imagine those who do only care about pro sports or newsworthy things worth talking about, not updates for the sake of them, including high school hockey, for instance, which I can’t imagine anyone cares about except a few high school kids who aren’t listening, and maybe their moms and dads?” – LTLFTC

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  • I couldn’t disagree with you more.
    Definitely need more local, north American, world sports coverage.
    I dont know about you but I could do without the weeks, months, years constantly talking about Muskrat Falls, the budget, and whatever rich person we voted into politics!
    Vocm give us a 3 day a week, 2 hour call-in program.

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