1. Deluxe Breakfast ($9.95). Served all day and weighing in as the priciest item on the menu, this still beats most places for buck-bang: 2 eggs any way, fresh homemade fluffy-crunchy crumbly white bread toast, plenty of bacon strips, soft and greasy griddle fried bites of potato and coffee or tea … or pop; no judgements, no regrets. Bust the bank and add a side of homemade apricot jam ($1.50) which, like all the sweets made here, has more flavour and texture than sugar.
  2. Carrot Ginger Soup ($5.95) and an Oatcake (3.25). If fog has bested sun in the battle for the shoreline, a soup from the specials’ board will warm and nourish. This one is heavy on ginger and piqued with fresh garlic. The oatcakes are thick, balanced, sweet and toothsome, a road-meal unto themselves.

Atmosphere: The “Unicorn” of the hunt for meals under 10$. The Magic of the menu at The Irish Loop Coffee House is that EVERYTHING is under 10$. They cover local, traditional, fresh baked bread, gluten free, vegetarian, meaty, simple, comprehensive, ALL UNDER TEN DOLLARS. The only small disappointment is discovering they play a bit fast and loose with the term “english muffin.” They serve strong fresh Santropol coffee to keep you up for the drive down to our newest UNESCO heritage site at Mistaken Point, or to bulwark against your hangover on the way back to town Sunday morning from the cabin. Sit outside in the sun looking over the water, or at a sweet ‘50s vintage formica table inside with the provided decks of cards and play a hand of gin while you wait. Deck, beer, great coffee, lamb sandwiches, lentil burgers, tart lemon meringues, fresh salads, big fry-ups equals UNICORN.