When you hear “Reality TV,” you think of B-list actors desperate for more air time, or a houseful of singles vying for the love of an eligible bachelor, or a cast of strangers trying to outwit, outlast, and outplay each other on a secluded island. 

But no one’s looking for love or hidden immunity idols on NTV’s new reality show, Open House NL. Instead the show will shed a light on the pros, throes, and cons of life as a real estate agent in St. John’s. Listed below, the four stars of the show must “chase the sale, try to one-up the competition, and beat the clock to pull closings together.”

Andrew Collingwood: The New Kid

With the confidence granted only to the young, Andrew sails through deals and  swoops up new clients with style. Driven and full of energy, Andrew needs to cement his place as a force to be reckoned within the marketplace.

Sarah Elliott: The Reigning Queen

Even when everything seems to be going wrong, Sarah’s calm assurance puts her clients at ease. As one of the city’s top producers for almost a decade, Sarah must always work to maintain her position.

Wally Lane: The Professional

With his impeccable manners and air of immense competence, Wally’s the one closing big deals without a hint of swagger. But don’t let his professional air fool you; he’s still wheeling and dealing behind the scenes.

Amanda Lee: The Shark

With three young children to support, Amanda is here to close deals and bank realtor fees. Clients love her no-nonsense sales style, and how it pairs perfectly with her lively, generous spirit.

“The show’s young, dynamic cast is well met by its production style,” says its producers, “which uses swooping crane shots and drone cinematography to beautifully capture the soul of St. John’s.”

Each episode will also feature tips from Charli Junker (Your Space our Design) and Chris Holwell (HouseMaster NL Professional Inspections).

Open House NL is a six-episode television series created and produced by Donny Love of Big Jib Productions Inc, directed by Brad Gover, edited by Chris Darlington, and Co Executive Produced by Shane Bruce. It will premiere on NTV Sunday, September 13, 2015, running six consecutive Sundays at 4:30pm.