Freshest fish I’ve had anywhere in St. John ’s for Fi and Chi. Not even a hint of squeak in your cheek in any bite. This was just soft and flaky and perfect. Chips were solid (in praise not texture). Not a one soggy or burnt. The dressing was sparse, but that can be a good thing since too much dressing can make fries too dry. The gravy was not salty. The whole dish could almost use a pinch of salt except that it is such a rare treat to have this classic dish so relatively salt-free. The portion (for the one piece) was substantial. San Pelligrino, bottled water or soda for drinks options.

CHILI ($3.50) AND SMALL SALAD ($3.25)

Chili was comparable to any good deli in town, hearty, tangy, beefy, but not spicy. The salad was excellent, fresh and full of a variety of vegetables, with several dressing options.


The room is open cafeteria style, long tables, a few crumbs, deli style counter service with plastic trays. Sit by the window for the lovely wooded view. The cliche “salt of the earth” may have been coined for the staff here. They were efficient, helpful, and jocular. Pro tip … go early if you want the pizza. They were sold out by the time we got there at 1.

Article by Emily Deming & Felicity Roberts