Located on Route 60 in Brigus

1 Piece Wing & Fries ($6.10); Regular Cheeseburger ($4.85)
You can drive the length of Newfoundland and find only coleslaw for veg. But each hometown haunt has a deep fryer, and they are not all alike, except in the loyalty they inspire. The batter you grow up with is the best batter.

And the regulars at E&E like their batter thick as cake. The fries were soft, fresh, mahogany brown, lardy and without salt. But the cheeseburger? Small, cheap, and loaded with everything but lettuce for no extra cost, it is almost as good as a Mini-Mary for a sneaky road indulgence. Even with no place to sit, it managed to be welcoming and the Candycane milkshake looked worth a try.

1 Piece Fish and Chips. (7.26)
Chips are a matter of taste, and mine could have been crispier. That said, the texture was smooth and the grease rich, not rancid. Bonus points for being heaped so high above the fish I had to dig  for it. The offering of fish was fresh enough, decent size, but painted too thick with batter for serious enjoyment.

An extensive  menu, with combos and desserts displayed on several individual signs rather than centrally, made for some exciting choices. Dessert options were considered, but we were too full. The friendly staff — whose patience with my townie questions was admirable — was what ultimately made the place somewhere to return. For a batter dog, which seems an appropriate use for the batter style.

Written by Emily Deming & Felicity Roberts