By Felicity Roberts and Emily Deming

 Newsflash: this is a meal under 5$!!

  1. Pizza Bread (4$ + tax): A generous triangular triple layered wedge. I feel it deserves a richer name than “pizza bread,” which conjures images of a bun with sauce and a few scattered toppings. “Bread lasagna” is closer to the actual experience. So much tasty pepperoni, generous cheese, green peppers, moist bread and 5 star sauce. The best part is that I ate it cold and it was that good, so imagine how delicious it would be if someone was not as ravenous as I and took the time to heat it. I could tell by the cheesy crust it would melt up like a dream. This hot or cold flexibility makes the item one of the most solid road meals available on the Avalon, even more so as you can eat it with one hand.
  2. Fried chicken breast sandwich ($4.00 + tax): An entire half breast of fried chicken on a thick white bun so fresh and rippable and chewy and substantial that it is called the “Chris Hemsworth’s buns” (or should be). This is the chicken sandwich angel to the Big Mary’s Devil. It is bigger, fluffier, fresher, and cheaper. I did still miss the pickle but I already want it again, and for two loonies I can have it. But for just over $8 I could try the individually baked cod au gratin, or the goulash for $4.50, or the roast beef on rye for $4.75, or the crab sandwich for $4.50, or any soup for $4.25. Or maybe I will get ALL OF THEM because that would still be cheaper than most pub lunches. They also carry reams of homemade pies. And the merengue on the lemon merengue stood up like snow capped spruce trees.

Atmosphere: This is a road side bakery along Windsor Lake on the way out to Portugal Cove. It is a take-out and small grocery with one small table and two chairs, shelves of fresh classic white bun-bread, lunch foods, assorted homemade cookies, cakes and pies and a few of the more necessary groceries (miracle whip, Kraft salad dressings, assorted dried peas and beans, local spice packs and sea salt, and bags of Santropol and Trinity coffee beans).

It was too bad the coffee served in the pot was not made with the good beans they sold. Though not near “snob level,” it was still highly drinkable, strong, and freshly brewed. The service is friendly, efficient, and townie tolerant.

Tilt House is located at 1194 Portugal Cove Road