For this, and the next 4 issues of The Overcast, we’ll highlight a decent cheap meal somewhere on The Avalon. We are going for diversity here: fast food, cafes, upscale date spots, hip, traditional, downtown, and beyond the overpass. Our inaugural pick is Leo’s Fish and Chips on Freshwater Rd. 

  1. Cod bites with “few” 9.25 (+tax). The “few” fries option at Leo’s is a good one. It is cheap and you still get a true pile of hot fresh chips. Their fish is never below par. This meal is enough to split with your small fry, or fill up one hungry belly.
  2. Bacon Cheeseburger 4.75 (+tax) with small fries 3.95 (+tax). The bacon cheeseburger and small fries could best be compared to your favourite roadside grease den offerings of the same. A compact nugget of carbs, meat, and cheese, placed lovingly beside fries not quite as golden as possible, but darn close (full crispy points awarded). A satisfying classic done right.

Atmosphere: old school. Best kind.

Article by Emily Deming & Felicity Roberts