Article by Emily Deming & Felicity Roberts 

The Food

RuTHE PULLED PORK SANDWICH ($7 +tax) may be pressed between 2 slices of toasted Dempsters’ style whole wheat, but the bbq pulled pork is juicy and smoky in a sauce (which there could have been more of) with flavours of tarragon and thai sweet chili. A purple cabbage slaw provided crunch, a vinegar tang and a little carrot sweetness. Best enjoyed with a tin of Pepsi.

The same simple sandwich bread (made down the street at Dough B’ys) works better on the roadside diner staple: THE BLT ($5 +tax). Lots of B, lots of T, unblemished, dark green L, balanced swipe of mayo. Everything is cut thickly and the bacon is cooked perfectly, crispy, and chewy. The sandwiches were both made to order and not a crumb wasn’t fresh.


This place is a relocation/re-opening of an old local favourite. So other customers are all happy to be there. But not many are from afar as it is a job to find. With two different addresses listed (website/facebook), Google maps not being too accurate on the Avalon, and no signage up yet, write this down: The address listed above in Kelligrews, in the old Savvy’s location (Savvy’s sign still up), across from Hickey’s Greenhouses and Nursery.

If you do locate it, let the staff, with their “Oh my gosh am I at Nan’s house now?” friendliness, assist you in your choice of cheesecake as there are always several rotating through the menu and they are beloved by those that make them. The Creamsicle was a bit too sweet but big, homemade, and fun enough to go back again to try the smoked cheesecake when it is available.