DUMPLINGS ($3.04), BAMBOO RICE ($3.50) GREEN TEA ($3.04)

Pan fried gyozas (small dumplings) are a fave of mine, and these are a totally passable version, even without pork. Formosa is vegetarian, but is not limited by that. Bamboo rice intrigues and amazes. Wrapped in a bamboo leaf is a uniquely spiced sticky rice dish chock full of mushrooms and seasoned tofu ‘meats.’ The tea is served in beautiful pots.

CURRY RICE ($ 4.35) VEGGIE SUSHI ($3.50)

Curry rice for the win. Larger than the tapas size servings of most dishes at Formosa, this is a fill-you-up bowl of Madras-style curry with veggies galore. Formosa at its best, a budget Adelaide without the beer or the lineups to get in. Veggie sushi slightly disappoints with its dry consistency, but is not terrible.


Restaurant meets Asian variety store, there’s tonnes of interesting stuff to check out while you wait for your food; fancy teas, dishwear, and cool rocks carved into talismans. Badminton racket repair is also available. The low key Christmas decorations stay up all year and don’t clash at all with the traditional handscroll art. Top points are for music, an endless stream of Zamfir style pan pipes. So soothing.